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Welcome to the Cubelets' Blog!

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This blog was created by and made for the crew of Cubelets.

(Or any other pirates I happen to con... er I mean... direct here)

You probably already know this, but we're the pixel pirates of the Emerald Ocean of the game Puzzle Pirates.

New to the crew or interested in joining us?

Welcome! Here's a more interesting about us as a crew (maintained by Alpha)

Some reading:-

What can I expect to find here?

Cubelets as a crew was created with the aim of helping friends old and new learn more about the game, so that we can all enjoy it more together.

The aim of this blog is for

What else? 
Presentation and functionality matters as much as content in terms of a Blog, so we have...
  • A handy search bar that searches the Blog, YPPedia and the Forums
  • A clock that shows the Current Game Time (GMT -7) 
  • Constant updates and improvements to the blog

Hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy making it!
(Which, on some days is a lot, on others... not so much. Ha.)

Comments or suggestions? What would you like to see?

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